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Pulp Fiction (1994)

so true.

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That creepy final grin.

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A bloody bed sheet from the murders of Kimberly, Kristen Colette Macdonald. Colette was pregnant with her third child at the time of her murder, she had been beaten, both her arms were broken and she had been stabbed 37 times with a knife and her ice pick. Her two children, Kristen, aged 5, and Kimberly, aged 2, had been found in their own bedrooms and had both received similar beatings and had been stabbed multiple times. 

Jeffrey MacDonald, Colette’s husband and father to their children, was also found wounded next to his wife. He had minor bruising and a single, small stab wound that collapsed his lung. MacDonald would be found guilty of murdering his wife and children, as his originally story about being overcome by three armed assailants did not add up. 



This is what I was looking for when I logged in to Tumblr today.

nirvana alphabet
➥ Ovaries etc: Kurt’s obsession with babies and everything related

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Aww (:

Whoever says he doesn’t look adorable is a fucking liar.


Aww (:

Whoever says he doesn’t look adorable is a fucking liar.

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Mermaid Pocket Knife Necklace

This mermaid isn’t what she appears to be at first look, much like the legends claim.

Sold on Etsy.

Sooo great!

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